Connecting Club & Community: The Success of the Angel City FC Brand Launch

Photo courtesy of Angel City FC

Today, Angel City FC unveiled its official crest and the response has been nothing short of incredible. 

From the diehard supporters and local artists, to public officials and Southern California businesses, Angel City FC is bringing everyone into the process that is focused more on Los Angeles as a community, than the soccer entity behind the news. 

The city got on board by lighting up local landmarks pink and white and declaring July 1 Angel City FC Day. Fans throughout Los Angeles came together for the Crest & Colors Launch party. And supporter groups joined in on the announcement video shoot

Every detail of the brand announcement was meticulously planned with the community and loyal supporters in mind.

“It’s amazing. It’s unique, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful,” shared Stephanie Badum, President of the Angel City Valkyries supporter group. 

Kris Resari, a member of the Pandemonium Supporter Group, said, “It’s forward moving. It’s where we want to be.” 

The announcement and the subsequent response are especially noteworthy as 2021 has brought a slew of branding failures across the U.S. soccer universe. Without question, Angel City FC is demonstrating just how a well-executed design and launch can be. 

“There are 12 feathers on the crest,” reads the explanation of the Angel City FC crest, which was designed by Los Angeles native and artist Amedea Tassinari. “Championships are not won by only the 11 starters on the field, but by the entire roster, staff, and every supporter. They are the 12th feather!” 

And. Every. Supporter.

That direct call to the community and those who play a role in the club is exactly why this expansion team is poised for success in a city that is no doubt saturated with pro sports. 

This club, its owners, and everyone involved understand the innate connection between club and community. 

“There’s so much more behind the [11 players on the field],” said Amanda Cromwell, Angel City FC Founding Investor and UCLA soccer Head Coach. “Whether it’s the end of the bench, the staff, everyone in the front office, the supporter groups. The 12th feather is representative of everybody else that’s not on the field of play. That’s what gets us championships.” 

Angel City FC will officially begin play at the start of the 2022 season and based on the buzz that the club has already built, that first home game at Banc of California Stadium will be a sight to behold.