Gift Guide for Soccer Fans

If you're looking for a unique present, here is a list of Ideas for the soccer fan who already has everything.


With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to put together a list of soccer gift ideas and recommendations that go beyond the cliche team jersey. This gift guide is for those people who want to find something unique and different.

Note: None of these companies reached out to FNDM90 to be featured. This list was created by a group of writers and fans who simply got tired of buying the same old soccer gifts from the same old soccer stores. 

Also, if you have a gift recommendation that isn’t on the list, send us a message. We are always on the lookout for unique soccer gifts.

Buy Local

First, let’s start with kits. In the soccer community, the more unique and obscure a jersey is, the better. Where is your mom or dad originally from? Do you all live in a small town currently or did they back in the day? Instead of buying a Barcelona or Manchester United jersey, do a little research and pick out the perfect local club jersey in the U.S. Nowadays, most towns in the U.S. have teams and sell their jerseys online.  Not only will this gift be unique but you’ll be supporting local soccer in the process. 

Beautiful 90s

Maybe you want to go old school with your gift. Beautiful 90s is a company that has some incredible vintage jerseys from across the globe that are worth checking out. They even have the ugly-yet-gorgeous USA jersey from the 1994 World Cup.

Live Breathe Futbol

If you want to steer clear of jerseys and fashion is still their speed, Live Breathe Futbol has some great gear that would make the perfect gift. Your friend or family would quickly become the most trendy fan at their team’s next game, or if they prefer to watch a match from the comfort of home, these clothes are perfect for lounging. Not to mention, Dwyane Wade famously wore the shorts recently and since then, the company has been one of the hottest new brands in the soccer and sports world.

Football Town

Another great vintage-esque option is from Football Town. They have a long list of gift options, from shirts and hats, to balls and sneakers. Most of their items relate to one of the major international clubs so your mom or dad will have to be fans already but if they are, this is definitely a place you should look. 

Talisman & Co.

Last but not least is the hats and gear from Talisman & Co. The brand started as a hat company and has now branched into shirts and other apparel. If you are looking for a gift that oozes “insider,” this is it. Talisman makes vintage-style hats and gear that let others know that whoever is wearing them is a long-term soccer fan. The No Vino, No Party hat is a fan favorite for those who grew up watching Andrea Pirlo but there are tons of national and international references for all fans to enjoy.