A Central Stadium Oasis in Houston

In the bustling metropolis of Houston sits a soccer oasis that stands proudly at the heart of the city. Shell Energy stadium, the home of the Houston Dash and Houston Dynamo, is one of the best-located venues in all of U.S. soccer.

Every club dreams of playing matches in the central part of their city. Houston is among the few that actually can boast that. And it leads to a fun matchday atmosphere for the family of supporters known as the new Hustle Town Supporters coalition.

The stadium, formerly known as BBVA Stadium, sits nestled in the East End district of downtown Houston. Positioned near major highways, public transportation routes, and within walking distance of countless downtown Houston bars, it offers unrivaled convenience for fans across the city.

On matchdays, you can find supporters flocking into Pitch 25, a massive 25,000-square foot beer garden founded by local soccer legend Brian Ching and complete with a soccer pitch right next to the main bar. The pre-game parties at Pitch 25 are unrivaled for major derby matches, especially when supporters only have to walk one block to get into the stadium.

United together a few years ago, Hustle Town Supporters is a coalition of various supporters groups within the Houston soccer community. Comprised of El Batallón, Texian Army, The Surge, and Bandera Negra, Hustle Town brings together different supporter groups under one united front. In conjunction with other supporter groups in the community like Bayou City Republic, each brings its own flair and energy to game-day experiences, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere in the stadium. The diverse makeup of these groups, with members from numerous ethnic backgrounds and countries, also reflects Houston’s multiculturalism. It highlights the city’s welcoming nature, where soccer serves as a universal language that bridges cultural divides.

Did you know: according to a 2021 study that analyzed the U.S. Census Diversity Index, Houston ranked as the most diverse city in the U.S.

Houston is a city renowned for its diversity, with a rich tapestry of cultures woven into its very fabric. Soccer serves as a universal language that unifies people of different backgrounds, and the Dash and Dynamo provide a platform for Houstonians to embrace their shared love for the game.