Marshawn Lynch: “They Were Stepping Out into the Community”

By now everyone has heard about the latest celebrity owner in the USL – Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn is an (American) football legend with a larger-than-life personality who will bring some great attention to the sports and the Oakland Roots. 

The move is yet another great one for the new USL Championship club that continues to make waves. But what struck us most about the announcement was a bit more personal. It was Marshawn’s reason for why he got involved. 

Sure, soccer is on the rise and you have to look no further than MLS expansion fees to see the business opportunity. But Marshawn has always been a community-first guy and this relationship with Oakland Roots is no different. 

Marshawn went on ESPN SportsNation to talk about his involvement and his first comment was that “[Oakland Roots] were stepping out into the community and doing sh*t that was solid.”

Check out the full interview Oakland Roots website is a mission statement all about the region they play in: 

“Oakland Roots Sports Club seeks to harness the magic of Oakland and the power of sport as a force for social good. Whether on the pitch, in the stands, or within the community, Oakland Roots will represent our one-of-a-kind city with passion, pride, and commitment to all things Oakland.”

Like so many in the USL, Marshawn believes that investing in the club is an investment in his community. 

“Having a professional club in your city gives hope to all the kids that are there,” he went on to say. 

Marshawn will no doubt be a great ambassador for the sports and help grow its popularity, but more than anything we are excited that more and more investors recognize the value of these teams for each local community where they play.