Magic City Brigade is Helping Make Birmingham the “Fútbol Capital of the South”

Etched on top of the press box overlooking BBVA Field are five words that sum up the ambitions of the Birmingham Legion and its Magic City Brigade supporters group – “Futbol Capital of the South!”

The stadium, which sits on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has served as the home for the Birmingham Legion since its inaugural season in 2019. But the history of supporter culture in Alabama goes back even further. 

Before there was the Birmingham Legion, there was the Birmingham Hammers. And with the Birmingham Hammers came the Magic City Brigade.

Back in 2015, the Birmingham Hammers became the city’s (and the state’s) first pro soccer club. Competing in the fourth division of U.S. soccer, the club had moderate success, with the Magic City Brigade following them the whole way. 

Years later, when it was announced that a new USL team was coming to Birmingham, it was only natural for the Hammers to join the Birmingham Legion family. And with that, the Magic City Brigade came along for the ride. 

Today, the team’s local supporters are leading the way for soccer fandom in both Birmingham and Alabama as a whole. While growth can be hard in a state that is most often synonymous with the other kind of football, the club’s on-field success is bringing more and more fans into the fold. 

Next season, the Birmingham Legion will have a new stadium and a new opportunity to create a matchday experience that cements their position as “Futbol Capital of the South!” 

…although we can think of a couple cities to the northwest and east that may have something to say about that.